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The purpose of the Crawford-Williams Family Cemetery Project website is to inform participants and interested parties about the progress of the project to restore the cemetery.

Who is buried here

In 2008 my aunt, Linda Brooks (shown), took me to the cemetery where her great-grandparents are buried. This photo shows the generally run down appearance of the cemetery.

Following are photos from 2008, 2011, and 2015 showing the memorials, headstones, and footstones of the people buried here.

Forum Guidelines


This forum is about family, the descendants of those buried in the Crawford-Williams Family Cemetery. Please keep the posts at least vaguely related to Crawford and Williams family history and relationships. The old standard advice of avoiding politics and religion applies. We may be all related, but that doesn't mean we all think alike. Be respectful of differences.

The project begins ...


The Crawford-Williams Family Cemetery Project was created to pull together family members near and far who are descendants of Sarah Ann and John Young Williams, for the purpose of restoring the long neglected Crawford-Williams Family Cemetery. The cemetery is located in Madison County, Georgia, USA near the intersection of Neese-Commerce Road and Ben Crawford Road. (per Google Maps, GPS coordinates 34.086873, -83.320722)

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